VCC Basic Education Program Grows Skills in a Community Garden

Faculty members Lynn Horvat and Rene Merkel tend VCC’s Basic Education Community Garden

VCC’s Basic Education program faculty member, Lynn Horvat, planned the curriculum and produced a written resource called “The Learning Garden: Literacy and Numeracy in a College Courtyard.” This resource can now be used in Adult Literacy and Numeracy classes at VCC.

Students learn many important skills from the Community Garden including: Reading, Writing, Vocabulary Development, Problem-solving and Measurement.

Students also learn valuable lessons about Gardening, Nutrition, Groupwork, and Collaboration.

Other people who supported the project included Dean Stephanie Jewell of the School of Arts and Science, VCC facilities employees and VCC’s Basic Education instructors and students.

The Community Garden Curriculum is now an integral part of the resources available to Basic Education students as they study Mathematics and Reading/Writing from beginning skills up to the end of Grade 8.

Basic Education (Beginning skills to end of Grade 8)

Basic Education is a program for adults who want to improve their reading, writing or math from beginning levels to the end of Grade 8. Students work together in small groups or in self-paced classes. VCC offers classes in the morning, afternoon and evening and Computer Literacy classes two afternoons a week. To register in Basic Education, you must be 18 years or older, and speak English comfortably.

Click here for a news article about our VCC Basic Education Community Garden in the VCC Digest

Here is another interesting International network of educators who support student learning through gardening projects. It is called the Edible Schoolyard Project


One thought on “VCC Basic Education Program Grows Skills in a Community Garden

  1. Congratulations to Lynn, Dept Head Jan, faculty and students and others who work on this wonderful project where students learn important skills that last a lifetime! Smiles, Ginny Cathcart

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