ETUG 2012 Workshop: Ever tried capsizing an inner tube? (Ever tried captioning in YouTube?)

Friday, June 8, 9:00am – 10:30am, PC Lab 416

Accessible media isn’t only beneficial for students with sight and hearing it extends learning opportunities for all students. Just as online discussion forums provide opportunities for students too shy to fully participate in face-to-face discussions, closed captioning on videos improves access to for those viewing videos in classrooms and for those with English as a second language. However, time and costs associated with creating transcripts and captioning have made such features impractical for most.

Recent improvements to the YouTube voice recognition feature provides time saving captioning and transcriptions but is it worth the time it takes to edit the transcription?

In this hands-on workshop you will learn tips for creating videos for YouTube that produce captions with fewer required edits. Additionally, you’ll upload your video to YouTube and produce accurate and accessible captioning and transcripts with minimal effort.

How this session came about:

VCC has a high population of students with hearing and visual disabilities and as we have grown in our ability to produce multimedia content and college information we are challenged to provide access for all. Recently a small group of advocates for accessible media began researching practical ways to make this happen and this workshop is one product of that work.


Download ETUG session presentation here…

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