CID Learn@Lunch: OPDF Proposal Writing Workshop Highlights/Downloads

This post is intended to give those who weren’t able to attend the CID Learn@Lunch OPDF Proposal Writing Workshop (April 2012) highlights of the session and access to the handouts provided.

Note that while the due date for proposals is Thursday, May 17, 2012, all VCC  proposals must be submitted to the VP Education office on or before May 12, 2012.

For help developing your proposal please contact Instructional Associate, Robin Popow at

 CID Workshop Presentation Highlights

  • What: MAdvED is providing $500k for BCcampus to distribute for online program/course/learning objects development to BC public p-sec institutions.
  • Why: Goal is to increase access to p-sec education and realize efficiencies afforded by collaborative development and the online learning environment.
  • Proposals will be submitted by VP Ed – must be submitted to VP Ed. office before May 13, 2012
  • Adjudication: Adjudication committee recommends – (MADVED provides feedback) – awards will be announced end of June.
  • Post Award: Recipients must provide a project plan including milestones – payments are made based on completion of milestones.
License Agreement:
  • Creative Commons : Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) – This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work even for commercial purposes, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. This license is often compared to “copyleft” free and open source software licenses. All new works based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use. This is the license used by Wikipedia, and is recommended for materials that would benefit from incorporating content from Wikipedia and similarly licensed projects.
 Recipe for Success
  • Congruent to government priorities
  • Alignment to OPDF Principles
  • Sensible project – clearly articulated (priceless)
Additional Resources:

Type of Development @ $100/hr.

Ratio of Development Time to Course Time (i.e., instructional hours)

Curriculum Documents (i.e., Course Outlines)


(approximately 15 hours CD for 45 hr course)

Development of teaching/learning materials for revised course


(approximately 90 hrs CD for 30 hr course)

Development of teaching/learning materials for new course (requiring research, alignment with other courses within program, etc.)


(approximately 120 hrs CD for 30 hr course)

Development of multimedia learning objects

N.B. BCcampus call for Online Program Development Funds (OPDF) in March 2012


(approximately 20 minutes CD for one minute of finished video or animation)


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