The IAs make the Big Leagues

Today the Instructional Associates (Ginny Cathcart, Susie Findlay and Robin Popow) from the Centre for Instructional Development (CID) received the Award for Educational Excellence at the Vancouver Community College (VCC) employee recognition ceremony.

These are some of the comments that accompanied Ginny, Susie and Robin’s nomination:

• Ginny, Susie and Robin serve the College community as ambassadors of education.
• They exemplify the very best in educational pursuits and have demonstrated their incredible skills in facilitation, diplomacy, writing and professionalism.
• “What a stellar group of colleagues and experts we have among us to guide our growth, learning and pathways in educational excellence”.
• Robin uses humour, logic, and practicality in his approach to problem-solving and team-building with his peers and across VCC. He has earned a reputation as a mentor and leader in the area of educational technology.
• Ginny and Robin worked as a team in a strategic planning session to help us. I couldn’t be more impressed with the work they did.
• I appreciate the ethic of care Susie Finlay brings to Education council for the benefit of the entire College community.
• I am in awe of Robin, Ginny, and Susie’s facilitation skills, diplomacy, synthesizing skills, and kindness and professionalism, to name a few.

What an honor! These three outstanding individuals have won the hearts of the VCC faculty. Their unconditional support, guidance and facilitation skills in every educational pillar that is supported by the CID is undeniable.

They are always there! They are there when faculty are developing curriculum, when they are moving courses and programs into Moodle, during program renewal, when they are writing research proposals and/or curriculum development proposals.

To me this is just a reflection of their commitment to supporting their peers and their work ethic.

They always put the student and educational best-practices as the focus of the discussion.

Way to go guys!


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