Best Practices in Curriculum Development: Digital Graphic Design @ VCC

What makes good curriculum development?

For many people this might a difficult question to answer.

Interestingly enough, everyone knows what good curriculum looks like when they see a well-developed PCG and Course Outlines.

I was sitting in Curriculum Committee a few months ago, and Graphic Design was presenting their new program.

There was no question in anybody’s mind that the documentation that was in front of them was an example of good curriculum.

Tene Barber and Jessica Rush worked for six – nine months putting this together. The goal of the process was modularizing the content and ensuring that no matter who came in to teach the class at any point in time in the 9 months of the diploma, they would know where the class was and what they needed to teach.

The motivation was student centered. The result…

The documents presented at Curriculum were like a well-developed puzzle. All the pieces fit together so nicely, every piece has a unique place in the puzzle, and without any piece, the puzzle is not complete.

In curriculum development language you would call it alignment;  if you read the Program Learning Outcomes, the Course Learning Outcomes, the Course Description, Evaluation and objectives…. Everything seems to work together, everything makes perfect sense.  The course and program content guide would not be complete of any if those pieces was missing.

Design aside, this proposal was amazing.

We have attached their PCG and curriculum map… so you can see what we are talking about.




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