VCC Deans and Department Heads complete the Chair Academy Worldwide Leadership Training for Post-Secondary Leaders

Fourteen Vancouver Community College (VCC) Department Heads and Deans completed the Chair Academy Worldwide Leadership Training (the Academy) for Post-Secondary Leaders in April 2010 and 2011. Many of us attended due to the vision and support of VCC President Kathy Kinloch and the Common Professional Development Fund Committee.

The Academy’s mission is to design and promote world-class training programs and services to advance academic and administrative leadership for post-secondary institutions world-wide in an era of change. The Chair Academy Leadership Training was an empowering process for VCC Education and Department Leaders. Participants networked, read, studied, reflected, journaled and problem-solved many issues both independently and in groups. There were two, fast paced, educational and inspirational, week-long facilitated sessions hosted by the Academy. The VCC group also met on a regular basis to discuss the assignments, readings and surveys that were recommended. For many of us it was an opportunity to mentor with other Leaders and learn skills that informed common issues around change in post secondary education.

The Academy offered opportunities to acquire and understand major research and theoretical developments in leadership. Participants developed proficiency in selecting, integrating, and applying appropriate concepts from social and behavioral science and adult education in formulating and implementing approaches to leadership problems and issues…The program is dedicated to long-term change. There were many opportunities for self-reflection and peer-feedback both during and between sessions and at the practicum. Advanced credit towards graduate degrees is also conferred in specific cases from some institutions.

Topics Included but are not limited to the following. · Work Behavioural Styles · Complex Role of the Organizational Leader · Leading and Managing Effective Teams and Work Groups · Strategic Planning and Scenario Thinking · Managing Conflict Productively and Engaging in Crucial Conversations · Valuing Diversity & Culturally Competence · Facilitating, Integrating & Celebrating Strengths · Dimensions of Leadership · Leader as Manager · Hiring and Orienting for Excellence · Coaching, Developing &Talent Management · Recognizing and Celebrating · Leading Part-Time Staff.

Contact the Academy website if you would like to investigate upcoming programs and conferences.

I believe that the capacity that any organisation needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed, when it is needed.
Margaret J. Wheatley


One thought on “VCC Deans and Department Heads complete the Chair Academy Worldwide Leadership Training for Post-Secondary Leaders

  1. The Chair Academy training has been very beneficial to my work. Transformational Leadership is an approach that causes change in individuals and social systems. In its ideal form, it creates valuable and positive change with the end goal of developing leaders. Many thanks to VCC Common PD for supporting this worthwhile training.

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