Online Course Showcase

This Online Course Showcase event was hosted by the JIBC and organized by JIBC and VCC (with support from BC Campus).

The purpose of the event was to bring together post-secondary institutions in the lower mainland to showcase their “best” online courses. Each institution showcased one to two examples of their best online course from an instructional design perspective broken into two categories:

• Best extended LMS: how do you extend your institutional LMS to create a well-designed online course? Or, do you have a best example of a course built outside of LMS?
• Instructional Design: show your most creative instructional design or address a challenging teaching and learning context problem.

Submissions included presentations by: JIBC | VCC | UBC | Kwantlen | SFU | Emily Carr | BCIT

Thanks for those that attended and supported us!

For those that missed it this year you can read all about it in Tony Bates‘ and Tannis Morgan’s Blog Posts 1: Extended LMS and 2: Instructional Design, and even check out some of the sessions recorded by BCCampus.

The Metro-Ed group is planning on hosting this event every year, so stay tuned… there will be more.


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