Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd: The Transformation of Post-Secondary Education

On November 26, 2010 Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd visited Vancouver and gave a powerful and thought provoking one-hour presentation regarding the transformation of post-secondary education.

Dr Murgatroyd is the former Dean of the School of Business at Athabasca University; he was the first Executive Director of the Centre for Innovative Development; and former Vice President of Axia NetMedia Inc. He is a recognized author, journalist, researcher and keynote speaker; and he has worked extensively in the public and private sector as a management consultant.

Since 2000, Dr Murgatroyd has dedicated much of his time to work on innovation policy and strategy linked to jurisdictional advantage. He evaluated the National Research Council from an innovation strategy perspective and supported the development of the strategic plan for FP Innovations.  Other projects have included facilitating work on the City of Ottawa innovation complex; and working with the Ministry of Research and Innovation (Ontario) and Advanced Education and Technology (Alberta). Dr Murgatroyd also facilitated a multi-jurisdictional review of Canada’s innovation policy. He has published numerous papers and books including papers on the implications for lifelong learning.

Dr. Murgatroyd truly enlightens in this interesting and informed lecture provided for you here in a series of three videos. We hope you enjoy them.

For more on Dr. Mugratroyd check out his blog…

Download a .pptx version or a .pdf version of the presentation…

Part 1 (12:38)

Part 2 (14:55)

Part 3 (14:17)

Part 4 (15:01)


4 thoughts on “Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd: The Transformation of Post-Secondary Education

  1. I like the philosophy. “Most innovations take place in restaurants, bars, coffee shops.”

    I love the idea of digital textbooks.

    This guy should be doing stand up.

    • I agree Peter, and wouldn’t it be interesting if we had a brainstorming area at VCC that mimicked the environment at Google? Perhaps it could be called “Platobucks”?

      Also, a popular author told me last week that his publisher striped all of the web links from the print version of his upcoming book. It seems to me the publishers are shooting themselves in the foot by doing this as the digital version of the textbook will have the active web links and therefore be of more value to the reader…

      Robin Popow

  2. SIGH! I cannot enjoy these video clips since they are not closed captioned. Frustrating experience for Deaf staff, lack of accessibility…

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