Jennifer Purych shows innovative uses of Moodle Quizzes for Basic Medical Terminology

Instructor Jennifer Purych of the Health Care Communications Management program only recently began using Moodle but has quickly become very familiar with it’s features and benefits for her students.

The following post describes exemplary features of Jennifer’s course that many developing Moodle courses of their own may find very useful. Detailed instruction for adding these features to your own course are provided for each.

Jennifer’s Basic Medical Terminology course is offered 100% online and is attended by students as far as the Middle East. The course focuses on medical word parts and terms, common disease processes and basic fundamental principles of human structure.

Jennifer Purych

Jennifer Purych

Students must build their knowledge efficiently and effectively since they are required, not only to recall medical terms, but also to analyze and combine them to build medical words.

To achieve this goal Jennifer utilizes a combination of textbook based readings, online discussions and self-tests. The later being the focus of this post.

The course makes great use of Moodle Hot Potatoes crosswords, short answer with embedded audio, Matching and Cloze questions in both formative and summative assessments.


Hot Potatoes crosswords

Crossword solving involves several useful skills including vocabulary, reasoning, spelling, and word attack skills. To solve any crossword puzzle students must be able to identify and understand the terms being used. This often involves acquiring new vocabulary or terminology. Jennifer’s course features a different crossword puzzle for 8 of the 12 weeks of the course.


Hot Potatoes Crossword in Moodle


Click here to learn How to create a Hot Potatoes crossword activity for Moodle…


Short-Answer questions with embedded audio

This course features several formative quizzes based on information found in the textbook. Each question is an audio clip that the student plays and transcribes (types) in the short answer field (see below). The words/terms are repeated three times each and the student is given only 15 minutes to complete 25 transcriptions.

short answer audio embedded

Embedded audio in a Short Answer quiz


Click here to learn How to create Short-Answer questions with embedded audio in Moodle…



Creating Matching questions and Importing Quizzes

This course contains 3 lengthy exams featuring extensive use of Matching questions. Due to the high quantity of questions and short period of time to develop this course for the online environment (approximately 1 month) it was important that Moodle’s Quiz Import feature be used to upload the existing exams in their entirety.

Quiz Importing is a Moodle function that allows you to import questions from external text files. The file is then automatically converted to a web format complete with correct and incorrect answers, automatic grading, etc.

A challenge came in establishing the exact format required for the matching questions to appear properly in Moodle. Once the format was established program assistant, Gayle Spurr, was able to efficiently reformat all 3 exams and they were then uploaded directly to the course.

In effort to challenge students to the appropriate level Jennifer required several detractor (wrong) answers and so the batch file required further modifications.

matching questions

Mathching question


Click here to learn How to upload quizzes to Moodle using the Quiz Import feature

Click here to learn How to convert Matching questions for Moodle GIFT format


Fill in the blanks using Cloze questions

Once the 3 exams (featuring matching and multiple choice questions) were formatted and uploaded to the course a final multi-part Cloze question was added. This question contained a single image with numbered blanks (i.e., 1. ____________) attached to different parts of the body system being examined. The result (as seen below) was for students to be able to fill in the blanks while looking at the image and without having to deal with more than one window. A challenge here was in determining how to format the special code required for cloze questions and to display two-part answers as connected fields (see question 4).

Embedded illustration in Cloze question


Click here to learn How to create illustrated Cloze (fill the blank) questions



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