VCC Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction

Are you considering teaching on-line, putting one of your courses on-line or just exploring Web 2.0 learning management systems like Moodle? Do you believe that the transition from onsite teaching and learning to online instruction is either way too hard or just too easy? Are you hoping to retire or win the lottery before you actually have to face teaching online? Well I certainly had all these thoughts just before I enrolled in VCC’s School of Instructor Education Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction.

I thought that all my years of teaching experience and taking courses up to graduate school would make the transition to teaching online relatively easy. I was very proud of my knowledge of adult education theory and practice. The outcomes of my experience in the first course of the certificate were unexpected to say the least.

Online teaching and learning is absolutely not just about reading volumes of text instead of listening to PowerPoint lectures. It is not just about navigating websites instead of sitting in a classroom or laboratory and asking questions. I would say that the first course was more like a practicum or an apprenticeship than a cyber-classroom. It allowed me to apply prior knowledge and experience and really learn how learning takes place online and how traditional adult education theory applies online.

Our instructor Sue Birtwell really designed the course in an interesting way so that she taught and role modeled new ways to collaborate and learn online but she also assured that we learned from our experiences as teachers. Most importantly fellow students were encouraged to learn from one another as we worked effectively in groups and reflected on our learning together. Yes even made new friends in our cyber campus bonding with people you have never met in the physical world.

So why not try it now? You will be pleasantly refreshed by what the ecertificate may open up to you in terms of opportunities to teach and learn in different and surprising ways. Log onto and see if there is a course being offered that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

The Internet has become a medium for people to carry out a whole range of life’s activities, including education. Instructors of online eLearning need to prepare themselves with knowledge and skill sets directly related to this teaching and learning environment.

This certificate program builds on a foundation of professional preparation in instructor education and on professional experience as an educator. Completion of the certificate is a follow-up to prior instructor training. The three course descriptions in the VCC Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction

1. Online/eLearning: Principles and Processes (EDUC 4150)

In this course, multiple perspectives on learning are reviewed as a foundation to examine various concepts, principles, and processes that relate to online/eLearning instruction. With a focus on characteristics and preferences of different groups of learners, course participants assess, select, and implement appropriate learning strategies in the development and delivery of eLearning. Credits: 3.0

2. Design and Develop Interactive eLearning (EDUC 4151)

In this course, participants design and develop suitable online/eLearning environments to support instructional and learning interactions that accommodate multi-dimensional learning. Credits: 3.0

3. Design and Develop an Online Course (EDUC 4152)

In this course, participants employ the necessary and appropriate processes and technologies to design, develop, implement, and manage an online course. Credits: 3.0


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