Mapping the Learner’s Journey

PIDP Faculty Mapping their Program

PIDP Faculty Mapping their Program

Mapping A Learner’s Journey Through the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program

On February 19 & 20 SIE & CID faculty accompanied by PIDP Advisory Committee representatives undertook a journey through a program design process based on The Learning Outcomes Primer series by Ruth Stiehl. Our guides and facilitators on the trip were the program mapping team of Christina Tulloch and Anne Larson from Compass Learning Solutions, Calgary. Employing a river rafting metaphor, Anne and Chris guided us toward our destinations which were to craft program learning outcomes and create a program map of the  learning experience through the PID program.

Through a series of guided conversations (journeys), participants explored the:

  • PID Program mandate
  • Intended roles for  program graduates
  • Statements that express what a graduate of this program can do “out there”
  • Best pedagogical approaches and assessment strategies to ensure the learners can demonstrate that they have met program outcomes
  • Essential curriculum for meeting program learning outcomes
  • Capturing the Ideas

    Capturing the Ideas

Two full days of conversation and exploration left participants with a strong sense of direction for the PID program, however; some participants would agree with SIE Department Head, Eva Murray’s comment “My brain hurt at the end of the two days”.


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