Keith Milton is “In the Spotlight”

On Wednesday, February 11th Keith Milton of the Dental Technology/Denturist program was the first instructor at VCC to use Clickers in the Classroom.

Keith with Clickers

Keith with Clickers

In a recent interview with Shona Moody of the CID, Keith responded to a few questions relating to the use of clickers. Click here to hear the interview in its entirety or click the links below to hear Keith’s individual responses to the questions:

Keith Milton

Keith Milton

Introduction (1 minute)

How long have you taught at VCC? (1 minute)

How did you first hear about Clickers? (1 minute)

What appealed to you the most about the potential for using them? (1 minute)

How long did it take you to update your current PowerPoint slides? (3 minutes)

Did you have to make any changes to your current classroom practice or style in order to accommodate clickers in the classroom? (3 minutes)

What observations can you share about your students? (3.5 minutes)

In general, did you perceive an increase or decrease in workload as a result of using Clickers? (3 minutes)

Final thoughts… (30 seconds)


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