Digital Graphic Design Students Give the CID a ‘New Identity’

The new CID office is nestled in between two very innovative VCC departments: Drafting and Digital Graphic Design. This past fall we had the privilege of having our logo designed by the latter of these two, and the arduous task of choosing one among the 17 amazing and unique submissions!

Mahtab Ghavami and her instructor, Tene Barber

Mahtab Ghavami and her instructor, Tene Barber

There’s no question though that the actual hard work came from the DGD students and faculty, who executed well over 500 sketches before narrowing them down to the designs they felt best captured the CID identity. The design process was directed by Tene Barber, both an instructor and the Department Head of the program. She began by presenting her students with three clear objectives:

1. clearly identify the ‘Centre for Instructional Development’

2. exude the personality and spirit of the dedicated CID team and the support and services they provide

3. ensure the new brand respects and compliments the VCC identity

…and they certainly did! The amount of creativity, research and vision that informed their designs was truly remarkable.

Overall, the logo design process captured the true essence of our college community as a collaborative team who worked together to inform each others’ experiences. Out of this came a new logo for the CID, a “real-life, real-drama design challenge” for the students, and an innovative and dynamic design that will take us into the future!


Thank you class of 2009 and a special thank you to our winner, Mahtab Ghavami, for her fresh, dynamic and nurturing design! We’re truly enjoying our new image!



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